Auréol Sinclair MBAKOP is an agro-industry and food engineer. In 2010, he started the production of pineapple on ½ ha. Today, he cultivates several crops on over 100 ha.

Auréol developed a passion for agriculture since his childhood when he went to his grandparents’ place and worked in the fields during school holidays. After University, Auréol faced one major challenge. He was finding difficulties in getting a job related to his studies. And when he went to talk about this issue to one elder brother who is already in the sector, the latter told him that he was looking for a helper. Auréol went to work in the pineapple field. Three years later, he decided to leave his job and start his own business of pineapple production. His start was modest with just half hectare, but gradually he started to acquire land and expanded the business.

“I would tell the youth to look around them. To open their eyes. For example, if a young person looks at me today. Am I sad? Do I fear something? Do I doubt my future? I don’t think so,” says Auréol.