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Deadline : Wednesday, March 10 at 12 am. “the list will be closed after the first 50 subscriptions”

Number of participants: 50

Cameroon Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (CAMFAAS) is a National body that brings together actors from government, NGO and private sectors that are engaged in Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services (AEAS) throughout Cameroon under one umbrella. CAMFAAS’ goal is to enhance utilization of improved knowledge and innovations by agricultural value chain actors for improving productivity, oriented towards their individual and national development objectives. CAMFAAS desires to ensure enhanced competency of AEAS providers to enable them better to address the increasing needs and demands of various value chain actors.

Under the COVID-19 crisis, most activities have been dropped including extension and advisory services (EAS). This situation has seriously affected the agricultural sector where provision of EAS remains a challenge as well as in many organizations for their daily activities. Therefore, the agribusiness value chain has been affected. This situation has inducedfor instance a scarcity of row material and customers. In addition, distancing measures leading to individual functioning has discourage farmers to join and promote organization such as cooperatives.

So, CAMFAASintends to organizea training workshopto strengthen capacities of stakeholders along the agribusiness value chain and promote cooperative thanks to structuration of farmer groups. This activity will help achieve expectations from LMP activity plan.


The objective of this training workshop is to strengthen capacity ofstakeholders especially members of CAMFAAS and willing to sustain their performance along the agribusiness value chain.

Specifically, the training aims to:

Promoting Agribusiness and entrepreneurship

Improve participants skills in Value Chain Analysis

Guide participants in cooperative enterprise establishment


Any number of members of the country forum that have interest in promoting agribusiness methods especially with value chain analysis or cooperative enterprises;

Women and youths (around 50 in total).

Experts from relevant field including Agribusiness, value chain and cooperative.