Context: As part of the capacity development of its members, the Cameroon Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (CAMFAAS, is organizing a training session on fundraising/resource mobilization. This workshop is primarily oriented towards members of the Resource Mobilization Working Group (CAMFAAS RM TWG), but may be open to other Forum members or even non-members depending on the capacity of the Forum.

Duration and particularity: The workshop will take place over two days merging theory and practice. It will be fueled by several case studies based on the requirements of some donors, and the practice will provide tips on how to capture funding.

Modalities: In addition to the contributions/fees below, each participant will be responsible for their own expenses (transport, nutrition, note-taking materials, accommodation). However, CAMFAAS will take care of the materials to be handed over at the end of the training.

Location of the training: CAMFAAS headquarters, located at OyomabanYaounde (before Camp Sonel, coming from the Market)

Participation fees (payable in cash or via cash transfert “MoMo or OM”)

NB: Due to social distance requirements, the number of participants will be decided as soon as the meeting venue has reached its capacity. These registration fees will be used to support the logistics of the training or to contribute to the costs of the actors of the facilitation chain.
The dominant language of this workshop could be French. But if necessary, translations could be made.

Contacts for registration or information: (+237) 242 07 55 41/691117642/696021921/677624121.CAMFAAS is open every working day from Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm.

Registration link: English