Cameroun is a country located in central Africa with a total population estimated 24 million habitants. Its agricultural potential is very important to feed others central Africa countries. Cameroon has 5 agro ecological zones are various types of crops are bale to be grown. The agricultural sector contribute up to 30% of grow national products and the sector employed up to 70% of hand Labor. Today the Ministry of agriculture and Rural Development, the ministry of livestock and animals resources are leading the CAADP implementation process with collaboration with others entities (ministry of scientific research and private sector). Extension services play a critical role within the National agricultural investment plan is estimate that 31000 small scale farming in Cameroon cannot access to agricultural service and the support ratio is estimated to 1/2000 (meaning that one extension agent to gather more than 2000 farmers). In this context farmer in need has very difficulties to access such support. The last mile projects seem to be an opportunity to reduce this gap.

Since 1960, the extension service has been management by the government. But around 1990, we appreciate some emerging actor trying to bring various kinds of supports to farmers. And today the stakeholder mapping made is showing around 3000 public extension agents and around 500 from private mostly managed buy NGOs and association.  So the public and private partnership will be more relevant to tackle the mutualisation of effort for more impact on RAs services provider to farmers.

The Cameroon Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services put in place since 2014 and formalized in 2016, I trying to act as consultative agent for all issues concerning rural advisory services in Cameroon. CAMFAAS has a strategic plan divided into 5 strategic axes that are well aligned to RAS global vision and LMP in particular. Those axes are presenting as follow:

Strategic axis 1 :Mutualization, knowledge management on Agricultural Advisory services

  • Strategic results 1.1 : a consultative and functional platform gathering various AEAS stakeholders is put in place.
  • Strategic results 1.2 : Various extension approaches are continuously identified, characterized and sustainably updated
  • Strategic results 1.3 : access to finance, information on RAS by different stakeholders  are improved

Strategic Axis: Professionalization of Agricultural Advisory Services

  • Strategic result 2.1 : the professional framework of agricultural advisory services in Cameroon is significantly improved
  • Strategic Results 2.2 : les capacities of national stakeholders are continuously reinforced
  • Strategic result 2.3: an accreditation process of AEAS actors and expert is elaborated and adopted

Strategic Axis 3: Advocacy at National, Regional and  global level

  • Strategic result 3.1: the decision makers are sensitized and awarned on the importance and challenges faced by AEAS.
  • Strategic Axis 3.2 : a legal framework and national strategy of AEAS is elaborated and adopted
  • Strategic results 3.3 : the capitalization and scaling out of various AEAS experiences significantly influenced AEAS policies

Strategic axis 4 : Strategic partnership

  • Strategic result 4.1: the visibility and credibility of CAMFAAS is well known worldwide


  • Strategic Result 4.2 : National and international AEAS meeting and workshop are frequently organized in Cameroon by CAMFAAS

Guiding Policies, Rules and Regulations of CAMFAAS

CAMFAAS is a legal entity under Cameroon law. The forum started since 2012 and was officially formalized in 2018. But since 2016, under AFAAS MTDF, we carried several activities in which the formalization and adoption of CAMFAAS rules and regulation. The CF nowadays was around 200 members with a paid up of 70 actives members. All sectors are represented within the platform. Our vision is to being recognized by the government as a core body and umbrella for AEAS in Cameroon. Our mission is to contribute to the professionalization of extension services in Cameroon and ensure the full participation of all actors such a way that all farmers could benefit.

Governance Structures

CAMFAAS was two main governance structures:

– The General assemble compose of around 50 delegate representing all sector

– The steering committee compose of 15 person chair by a president and cice president.


  Country Fora staff

Name : NGOUAMBE Nestor
Position/Title: Permanent Secretary and country founder focal person/ Agricultural economics Weekly working hours


Tel. +237 661 591 431 Email:
Name: FONGE Marvel
Position/Title: Accountant Weekly working hours


Tel. +237671085220 Email:
Position/Title: volunteer /ICKM Weekly working hours


Tel. +237 675180196 Email:

*For additional staff,  rows might be added.



  Country Fora governance entity (Board, SC, others)

Name: Dr. KAKDEU Louis
Position/Title: President of steering committee/ jusrist Company/Organization


Tel. # +237654533047 Email:
Expertise: agricultural communication and marketing, business law
Position/Title: vice-president of steering committee/ farmer Company/Organization

National Farmer Organization Platform of Cameroon

Tel. +237 677386463 Email:
Expertise: farmer organization
Name: Ruben Mpeck
Position/Title: secretary of steering committee Company/Organization


Tel. +237 Email:
Expertise: journalism, lobbying
Position/Title: Youth representative-YPARD at steering committee/ seed breeder Organization/company

Young Professional Platform for Agricultural Development YPARD-CAMEROON

Tel. # Email:
Expertise: seed specialist
Name: Mme Balla Biloa Marie
Position/Title: National treasurer/ trader Company/organization

Women agricultural trader Association (ASBY)

Tel. # Email:
Expertise: agricultural business woman
Position/Title: Counsellor Company / organozation

Food PrcessingProfssional Cooperative society (FOPROCOOP LTD)

Tel. # Email:
Expertise: manager
Name: ONDOUA Materne
Position/Title: consseloor of sterringcommittee/ agronomist Compagny/organization

Association for agricultural development of Centre (ADEAC)


Tel. +237 694591548 Email:
Expertise: agronomist
Name: TEFANG Michelle
Position/Title: Technical adviser a Organization/company

Minstry of Livestocks and Animals resources (MINEPIA)

Tel. #
Expertise: agricultural policy specialist Email:
Name: DJIKAM Rose Caroline
Position/Title technical adviser of steering committee Organization/company

Ministry of Livestocks, Fishering and Animal resources (MINEPIA)

Tel. # Email:
Expertise: extension specialist in livestock sector
Name: Herve Sinclair BOUKOUA
Position/Title: TECHNICAL ADVISER/ value chain Organization/company

Consultant, value chain

Tel. # Email:
Expertise: agricultural value chain specialist
Name: ABESSOLO Patrice
Position/Title: Technical Advisor, agronomist Organization/company

National Forum for Farmer organization (CNOPCAM)

Tel. # Email:
Expertise: agronomist

*For additional members, rows might be added.