CAMFAAS : Les enjeux de la professionnalisation des services de conseil agricole

Mekou Youssoufa Bele & Olufunso Somorin & Denis Jean Sonwa & Johnson Ndi Nkem & Bruno Locatelli Abstract Nowadays, adaptation
INTRODUCTION Sur la période 1993-2003, l’économie camerounaise a connu un taux de croissance moyen annuel de 4,6%. Il en a
SUMMARY Despite the central role that farmers play as agricultural producers in developing countries, they are often inadequately served by
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Cameroonian authorities used the participatory approach in designing the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) in April 2003. For
The project to support the National Agricultural Research and Extension Programme (NAREP) is in line with the Cameroonian government’s sector
L'utilisation du drone dans l'agriculture semble gagner du terrain. Guy Mouofo a son expérience personel par rapport à cela. Fan
Le journal La Voix du paysan a pour mission de "vulgariser, voire démocratiser l’information, surtout celle qui accompagne les paysans/
In Cameroon, farmers have their own newspaper: The Farmer’s Voice. More than just a simple information tool, this monthly newspaper
Auréol Sinclair MBAKOP is an agro-industry and food engineer. In 2010, he started the production of pineapple on ½ ha.
Gaëlle KENFACK is a telecommunications engineer. After spending almost 10 years in Germany, she returned to Cameroon and created Kenza