About Us

The Cameroon Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (CAMFAAS) was set up in 2014 and formalized in 2016. In view of the importance of Cameroon’s development prospects and specifically of each of its five agroecological zones, CAMFAAS presents itself as an advisory agent for all matters concerning rural advisory services in Cameroon.  Indeed, while agricultural extension or advisory services play a crucial role in the implementation of the national agricultural investment plan, many farmers, including the most vulnerable, still do not have access to these services or benefit from them only with great difficulty, given the ratio of one (01) advisory support agent for more than 2,000 producers.

CAMFAAS is a forum with over a hundred members with multidisciplinary expertise in the agricultural services value chain. Its members come from a wide range of organizations and remain willing to put their expertise to further use in integrated development. The forum enjoys a very good collaboration with local, sub-regional (AFAAS), continental (FARA), and global (GFRAS) organizations. It has a board of directors, and an executive secretariat to which other bodies are attached, such as the one in charge of communication and knowledge management.


Professional and integrated advisory services that contribute effectively and sustainably to the development of productive, profitable, climate change-adapted (smart) agriculture and food security in Cameroon.

Our Mission

The synergy of actors leads to the development of integrated, innovative, interactive approaches to agricultural advisory services, through advocacy for the improvement of the working framework of agricultural advisory services and the professionalization of the profession

Working methods

Within CAMFAAS, part of its expertise is concentrated around thematic working groups. For the time being, there are five (05) of them, namely Prevention and control of post-harvest losses, climate-smart agriculture, resource mobilisation, information and communication technology for agriculture, gender. In addition to the training sessions geared towards the needs of these working groups, relevant themes expressed by stakeholders in the agricultural sector may give rise to exchanges or training sessions.

Some of CAMFAAS’ strengths


Multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary pool available and acting in a participatory way


Partnership with organisations from various bodies (local and international)


Proven experience in agricultural consultancy and support to organisations


National coverage with headquarters based in Yaoundé (Oyomabang before Sonel camp)


Well-functioning website and other exchange platforms

Our strategic partners

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